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ambidex IP

Challenge Ambidexterity

Innovation ambidexterity – the simultaneous pursuit of both exploratory and exploitative innovation – is especially demanding for resource-challenged tech companies. On the one hand, they need to effectively and efficiently exploit in-house capabilities and manage cost structures to create stable revenues. On the other hand, they have to maintain a high exploration pace to keep up with fast-evolving global market requirements and the short life-cycle of products and services in a competitive life science industry.

Strategic IP turns life science innovation into global business opportunities

At ambidex IP, our driving force is to support life science entrepreneurs to transform their groundbreaking ideas into growing international businesses.

The understanding that innovative tech companies face multiple challenges on their journey from exploration to global economic exploitation is the basis of our truly distinctive approach: For each client, we craft an individual supportive service, from technical analysis, patent protection to strategic business guidance – all designed to foster innovation, safeguard intellectual property, and drive sustainable business growth.

Our team strength lies in the unique blend of technical expertise, legal skills and business acumen. As life science patent experts and IP lawyers, we have a strong technology background and an in-depth understanding of the specific market of an invention. This deep knowledge allows us to provide you with the guidance and strategic IP protection you need at every stage of your company's development.

As your dedicated legal partner we approach each challenge with humility, creativity and commitment to help your ideas succeed in a competitive landscape and secure your future in the fast evolving life science sector.